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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dispositional characteristics?

Dispositional traits are traits that define a person's character and/or personality. The term "dispositional traits" is a part of the psychological theories known as "Dispositional Theories" or "Dispositional Perspective".

What are situational and dispositional factors?

This is known as actor-observer effect. Situational and dispositional factors are often used to explain behaviour at the sociocultural level of analysis. Attributing internal characteristics like personality, attitudes and beliefs as the reasons for people's behaviour is called dispositional attribution.

What is a dispositional cause?

Dispositional attribution. Dispositional attribution is the explanation of individual behavior as a result caused by internal characteristics that reside within the individual, as opposed to outside influences that stem from the environment or culture in which that individual is found.

What is situational influence?

Situational Influence. Known as “situational influence,” they’re factors that exist independent of the communication between influencer and prospective customer but also impact the customer’s decision-making process. The theory is deep rooted in the study of psychology and sometimes referred to as situationism, which has proven...

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