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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dispositional theories?

Dispositional theories are a combination of several thoughts about human personality. At the very root of Dispositional theory is the fact that your nature (genetics and heritage) have relatively permanent effects on how you present yourself to the world.

What does dispositional knowledge mean?

In contrast, dispositional knowledge, as the term suggests, is a disposition, or a propensity, to behave in certain ways in certain conditions. Although Smith may not now be thinking of his home address, he certainly knows it in the sense that, if one were to ask him...

What is an example of dispositional attribution?

Dispositional attribution is the tendency to suggest that behavior is the result of innate personality traits. For example, if someone is standing in line at the movies and another person cuts, the victim might assume that the cutter is thoughtless or rude, and that these internal traits led to the decision to jump the line.

What does dispositionalism mean?

What does dispositionalism mean? (philosophy) A tendency to prefer dispositional attribution rather than situational attribution. (noun)

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