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Frequently Asked Questions

Is zenmate a good VPN?

ZenMate is a simple, low-cost VPN aimed at beginners. It has good security settings, streams US Netflix and allows P2P file-sharing. However, the VPN's mediocre speeds, vague privacy policy, and inadequate customer support are disappointing.

Is zenmate safe Reddit?

With ZenMate VPN, you can also hide your IP address and access websites like YouTube and Reddit. But, unlike proxies, ZenMate offers high quality security and privacy, and you don't have to compromise the speed of your internet connection.

How does zenmate work?

How does the ZenMate extension work, what does it do? Is ZenMate safe? ZenMate is using superior technology to fully encrypt all of your browser traffic. ZenMate creates a tunnel similar to a virtual private network ( VPN) between your device and our Internet gateway. This secure tunnel prevents snoopers, hackers, governments and ISP's from ...

Does zenmate work in China?

You have to look elsewhere if you need a VPN that works reliably in China, as ZenMate can’t bypass the restrictive Chinese firewall. However, customer support gave me some workaround tips that might work for strict censorship countries, like Saudi Arabia or Iran.

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