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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Surface Go originally meant to use ARM processors?

Audio player loading… Sources speaking to Paul Thurrott have said that the Surface Go, Microsoft’s latest miniaturized version of its flagship Windows tablet, was originally intended to use an ARM processor. It reportedly wasn’t until Intel ‘petitioned Microsoft heavily’ that it went with a Pentium Gold processor.

What could be coming with a surface go 3?

With pricing starting at $399, it's hard to hate the Surface Go, which is why we're excited about what could be coming with a Surface Go 3. Microsoft has announced that it will be holding a hardware event on September 22. We believe the company will announce a new Surface Pro, Surface Duo 2, and maybe a new laptop form factor as well.

Will Microsoft's Surface Pro X run on ARM processors?

Microsoft's current Surface flagship, the Surface Pro X, already runs on ARM. But as the ill-fated Surface RT showed, going all-in on ARM never did Microsoft many favors.

What processor will the new Surface Go ship with?

So far, Geekbench results have suggested that a new Surface Go will ship with the Intel Pentium GOLD 6500Y and Intel Core i3-10100Y processors, with 4GB or 8GB RAM respectively. The Pentium GOLD 6500Y is a big jump in performance over the Pentium GOLD 4425Y found in the Surface Go 2.

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