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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WooCommerce storefront theme?

Storefront theme is developed by the experts at WooCommerce which makes it an official WooCommerce theme. Using this theme, you can start building your online store with a ton of amazing features which include customization, responsiveness, and support.

What is storefront and how does it work?

Storefront is clean and simple by design, the perfect starting point from which to customize and match your brand and store, whether that's using the WordPress customizer, a custom plugin, or a child theme.

Why should you choose a storefront theme?

The Storefront theme presents your store on all screen sizes without distorting your store’s design or messing with its functionalities. The responsive design is also a mandatory requirement for getting your store ranked higher in the search engine results.

How to add a background image to the storefront homepage?

Follow these steps: By default, Storefront homepage has 6 sections. You can display product categories, Recent products, Featured products, popular products, On Sale products and Best Selling products. If we want to add a background image to those sections, we have to identify the class of each sections.

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