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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your 1940 a run better with a new carb?

My 1940 A runs better that it ever has. The black smoke is gone... The carb works great, the tractor hasn’t ran this good in 15 years. The black smoke is gone, it starts now and has all kinds of power. Installation was easy, everything was on the new carb that was on mine. Thank you so much.

What is the model number of my Marvel-Schebler carburetor?

Carburetor Parts Model Serial Numbers Carburetor Make and Number Engine Type 410001 - 425850 Marvel-Schebler DLTX-8 All-Fuel 425851 - 487999 Marvel-Schebler DLTX-18 All-Fuel 488000 - 491335 Marvel-Schebler DLTX-38 All-Fuel 45 more rows ...

What is carb and what does it do?

In the 2000s, CARB became responsible for monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Assembly Bill 32, also known as the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, was signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, giving CARB this new role.

Do you need tech support for your carb?

Nobody can beat our tech support not just for your carb but for your entire tractor. So check out our new website and let us know how we can help you! Out of all of our quality products, here are few that we think you’ll especially like.

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