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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose phonebox?

PhoneBox offers 4G Speeds at 3G prices. We’ve partnered with Canada’s biggest network providers to give you the best plans. Just Bring Your Own Phone and Leave the Rest to Us. Get an eSIM with PhoneBox Today ! No need to wait for your SIM card to get shipped to you. Get your eSIM sent to you instantly via email.

What is the difference between Telus and phonebox?

Telus's SIM Cards contain 19 digits and Rogers + Bell contain 20. ? Please enter your SIM Card Number * The SIM Card number you entered is incorrect. The SIM Card number you entered is verified. PhoneBox doesn't only carry Canadian SIM Cards. We also can provide wireless services in other countries. ? Where would you like to have service?

Does phonebox ship to Canada?

PhoneBox ships your SIM for free anywhere in the world. Get a Canadian SIM card before you even land in Canada. Whether you are returning home or moving here for the first time, PhoneBox makes sure you’re connected the minute you step into Canada.

How do I cancel my phonebox service?

Please contact PhoneBox customer care to cancel the service: [email protected]/1-855-886-0505 You are unable to activate before you have received your SIM Card.

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