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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NHK World-Japan provide?

NHK WORLD-JAPAN provide... NHK WORLD -JAPAN is the international broadcast service of NHK, Japan's sole and one of the biggest public broadcasters in the world. NHK WORLD-JAPAN provides latest information and a wide variety of programming on Japan, Asia and the rest of the world 24 hours a day.

What does NHK World stand for?

NHK World-Japan (also known simply as NHK World) is the international arm of the Japanese state-controlled public broadcaster.

What is NHK World TV app?

NHK WORLD TV is the English-language international broadcasting service of NHK, Japan’s only public broadcaster. This app provides you with NHK WORLD TV’s news and a variety of programs via live, 24 hours a day. As a newly added feature, you can now check for the latest news.

What is RJ Radio Japan?

NHK World Radio Japan ( RJ) is the international radio arm of NHK. broadcasts a weekly lineup of news, current affairs, cultural and educative radio program focusing on Japan and Asia, for a daily total of 65 hours of broadcasts. Radio Japan provides two main feeds: The General Service broadcasts worldwide in Japanese and English.

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