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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Indiana National Bank founded?

Indiana National Bank was founded as the Second State Bank of Indiana in 1834. In 1865, the bank was chartered as the Indiana National Bank of Indianapolis. The bank moved into this building after a fire destroyed its former location in 1882.

What kind of banking does National Bank of Indianapolis do?

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What is INB National Bank?

Its primary subsidiary was the Indianapolis -based INB National Bank, formerly the Indiana National Bank, which can trace its origins to the founding of the Second State Bank of Indiana in 1834.

What is the largest bank in Indiana?

Indiana National is the state's largest bank, followed by Bank One, Indiana; and Merchants National. All three are based in Indianapolis. ^ "Bank dedication". Bloomington Herald-Times. April 7, 1989. Thursday at the dedication of Indiana National Bank's downtown Bloomington branch.

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