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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the SBA facing EIDL loan approval challenges?

The SBA continues to face major challenges when it comes to processing millions of EIDL loan increases, and potential technical issues are only one part of it. We're awaiting news from the SBA on process changes, including any updates to the tax transcript requirements. We've given our predictions for EIDL loan approvals this week.

Did you receive an EIDL loan increase decline letter in error?

It's been reported that many EIDL loan increase applicants may have received an EIDL loan increase decline letter in error recently due to a system problem with the SBA. We've been unable to verify this problem, and the extent of it, but SBA operators did say this issue had affected "many" people.

Where to ask for EIDL ADVANCE/grant questions?

EIDL Advance/Grant questions should be directed to r/TargetedEIDL. Reddit Inc © 2021 . All rights reserved

What was the problem with this portal account?

Here was the problem: This account was in need of a correction in the name fields associated with this portal account. The correction has been made as well as a new email sent to the client with a link to the log in page.

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