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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download Microsoft Edge for Windows 10?

Go to and click Download for Windows button to download Edge browser. Alternatively, you can also go to Microsoft Store to search for Microsoft Edge and download the browser. After downloading, you can click the installation file to install Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 PC.

How do you install Microsoft Edge?

Installing preview versions of Edge. Step 1: Go to the following link: Click Learn more. Step 2: Click the Download button to begin the download. Step 4: Click Save, you then close the active dialog. Step 5: Click Run when complete. Step 7: Wait while the installation is initialized.

What is the best browser to download?

Aside from downloading Google Chrome for Windows 10, you have another good choice for web browsing. Firefox is also a popular browser well-received by many people. If you are wondering how to download Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 PC (32 bit or 64 bit), below is a Firefox download and install guide.

How do you download and configure Microsoft Edge for business?

With PDQ Deploy open, click on the Package Library in the menu tree Select Microsoft Edge for Business and click Download Selected (As Auto Download) Since this package is an auto download package, Edge will update automatically within PDQ Deploy as new versions are released.

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