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Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure Dnsmasq as an authoritative DNS server?

Configuring the Options File. The first thing that we will configure to get started is the named.conf.options file. The Bind DNS server is also known as named. The main configuration file is located at /etc/bind/named.conf. This file calls on the other files that we will be actually configuring.

How to fix Dnsmasq?

dnsmasq by default binds to the wildcard and drops queries it isn't supposed to respond to. This lets dnsmasq continue to work properly if interfaces change while running. You can use bind-interfaces to bind interfaces on startup, but then it won't see newly added interfaces. bind-dynamic does the same, but will continue looking for new interfaces.

How does Dnsmasq work?

dnsmasq is a lightweight and simple program which enables issuing DHCP addresses on your network and registering the hostname & IP address in DNS. This configuration also allows external resolution, so your whole network will be able to speak to itself and find external sites too.

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