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Frequently Asked Questions

How to be an elite dividend investor?

How to Be An Elite Dividend Investor Count Your Dividends. Since we focus on high yield, most of our returns come from the "yield" component of stocks. ... Find Price Upside, Too. While we could build a portfolio that's 100% invested in these types of safe bonds and do just fine, we're better off putting 50% ... Monitor Dividend Coverage. ... Don't Fight the Fed. ... Favor Out-of-Favor. ... More items...

Why are dividends important for every investor?

Why Dividends Matter to Investors Dividends Signal Fundamentals. Before corporations were required by law to disclose financial information in the 1930s, a company's ability to pay dividends was one of the few signs of its ... Dividend Example. ... The Dividend Yield. ... Dividend Coverage Ratio. ... The Dreaded Dividend Cut. ... Great Disciplinarian. ... A Way to Calculate Value. ...

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