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Frequently Asked Questions

What does dispositionist stand for?

A Disposionist is a person who believes in Lay Dispositionism, the tendency to use personality traits or other dispositions to explain and predict social actions or outcomes. For example, a dispositionist might explain bankruptcy as the largely self-inflicted result of personal laziness and/or imprudence.

What does dispositive mean legally?

Legal Definition of dispositive. 1 : directed toward or effecting a disposition (as of a case) an endless variety of dispositive…pretrial motions— Robert Shaw-Meadow. 2 : relating to a disposition of property dispositive words in a will.

What is disposition meaning?

The first known use of disposition was in the 14th century. Financial Definition of disposition. Disposition refers to disposing of an asset through sale, assignment, or other transfer method. When an investor sells stock or bonds in a particular company, the sale is referred to as a disposition of the stock or bonds.

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