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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Brotherhood Mutual for church insurance?

At Brotherhood Mutual, we hold ourselves accountable to our policyholders, and the promise that we’ll be here for them when they need us most. Today, Brotherhood Mutual insures more than 65,000 churches and related ministries and offers its Ministry First property and liability coverages in 47 states and the District of Columbia.

What is the power of brotherhood mutual?

Together, you rebuild churches, restore ministries, and renew hope in the wake of life’s storms. You carry one another’s burdens. That’s the power of choosing Brotherhood Mutual, a company who exists to advance the Kingdom by serving the church.

Who is a mutual insurance company owned by?

A mutual insurance company is not owned by shareholders, but rather by our policyholders—the churches and ministries we serve. Policyholders’ premium dollars help protect and rebuild ministries in the wake of life’s storms.

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