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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work at Blick Art Materials?

We work every day to foster an environment where our team enjoys the same respect and care that we provide our customers. BLICK Art Materials is a certified Great Place to Work© since 2015.

Why buy from Blick?

"Blick consistently delivers outstanding quality and value! As a professional artist, I need to do business with companies that offer great prices with excellent service and Blick always delivers both. It's easy and convenient to order what I need, my art supplies arrive on time, well packaged, and with the correct items.

Where can I buy art supplies online?

Blick Art Materials offers great discounts on art supplies online. Shop our huge selection of art supplies, crafts, fine art brands, creative projects & more. Skip to main content

What items can I buy with a Blick coupon?

Items are not limited to soaps, tissue paper, or even frames. Stack up those savings when you apply a Blick coupon. Want to be the first to know about offers, promotions, and Blick discount codes.

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