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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a zookeeper?

She attended Beverly Hills High School and though she was interested in theater she said, her dream was to become a zookeeper or forest ranger. 'The problem was, back then a girl wasn't allowed to be either one,' she wrote in her autobiography.

What is the job description for a zoo keeper?

Zoo Keeper Duties and Responsibilities. The prime responsibility of a zoo keeper is to take 360 degree care of the animals present inside the zoo. He or she has to feed the animal, make all the possible things to keep them happy and healthy like keeping a vigilant eye on their health, help them to bath, to piss and so on.

What is exact function of zookeeper?

Zookeeper is a Hadoop Admin tool used for managing the jobs in the cluster. The formal definition of Apache Zookeeper says that it is a distributed, open-source configuration, synchronization service along with naming registry for distributed applications. Apache Zookeeper is used to manage and coordinate large cluster of machines.

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