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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to search Wikipedia?

Wikipedia uses a powerful search engine, with a search box on every page. The search box will navigate directly to a given page name upon an exact match. But, you can force it to show you other pages that include your search string by including a tilde character ~ anywhere in the query.

What is the purpose of Wikipedia search?

Wikipedia Search allows you to type the word 'wiki' into your browser's search bar, press the space key, and search for an article on Wikipedia. You can also select any word or phrase on the web, right-click, and search it in Wikipedia. If you have Awesome New Tab Page installed, there's even a widget for that built-in.

What are some good search engines for Wikipedia?

Selecting the "Encyclopedia" search source allows you to quickly search the English version of Wikipedia. The Clusty Toolbar is available for Windows with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (beta). FUTEF is a site, currently in beta, limited to Wikipedia content.

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