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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 2010 Ford Fusion SE a good first car?

The 2010 ford fusion se is a great first car for those just getting their license. The good miles per gallon prevents you from spending big bucks on gas, and it will last you a decent amount of time. Although I really enjoy this car, there are some downsides.

What problems does the 2010 Ford Fusion have?

What Common Problems Does the 2010 Ford Fusion Have? Common problems found on the 2010 Ford Fusion include power steering issues, a sudden loss of power, as well as transmission failures. Overall, these problems are significantly worse than other midsize sedans, leading to higher repair costs as well.

Are 2010-2012 Ford Fusions covered under warranty?

2010-2012 ford fusions have a recall on the power steering module that keeps going bad. But out of the 2010 2011 2012 only certain ones are covered under the recall. But all of those years and models are having issues. So now I have an 1100-1500 dollar fix on a vehicle that should be covered under the ford warranty.

Is the Ford Fusion worth it?

I have owned for 10 years and have not had any major issues with the fusion. Heated seats. Comfortable leather seats. Drives smooth. Does connect to my phone so I can take calls while driving. It has been well worth the money. Fuel mileage is incredible.

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