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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easier to bet against the spread in Week 4?

Week 3 brought more clarity about the identity and reliability for all 32 teams in the NFL, but that doesn't mean the picks and predictions against spread get any easier for Week 4. This week offers one massive spread but mostly contests that look like one-possession games.

What happened in Week 3 of the NFL season?

Three weeks into the NFL season and if we've learned anything to this point it's to not be surprised by what may happen, and that applies to Vegas too. A handful of road dogs came out on the winning end in Week 3 and one heavy home dog nearly won outright.

What are the key Titans stats for 2021?

Key Titans stat: The Titans are built for matchups against top-notch competition. In 2021, they went into history books as the first team to win at least eight games against clubs that finished with a winning record.

Is Vegas paying attention to home teams in Week 4?

Looking ahead to Week 4, home teams aren't the only ones who have been given sizeable spreads, and there are several games that could go either way, to no one's surprise. Then again, Vegas paying attention to what's been happening on the field is nothing new.

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