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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good water bottle slogan?

Hennies. The Water Of Life. – Hennies Mineral Water In Switzerland . Best Bottled Water Slogans And Taglines . Hungry For Life. Thirsty For Naya. – Naya, Canadian Natural Spring Water . It Must Be The Water. – Vittel, Mineral Water From France . It’s Got Calcium, But It’s Still Water. – Danone Activ, Water Enriched With Calcium . Kinley.

What are water bottles unsafe?

The plastic bottle can be a health hazard and be aware that every time you use it as a water bottle, a chemical element called “antimony trioxide” diffuses into the water. Unfortunately for us, this antimony trioxide is known to be carcinogenic! Daily contact with this chemical may also cause irritation of the respiratory tract or skin.

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