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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart have locations open for 24 hours?

Walmart operates over 4100 stores in the United States. However, not all of them are open 24 hours. To find out if stores in your area are open around the clock, do an Internet search on Walmart locations and hours. The Walmart Store finder page will populate and you can check hours and locations near you on that page.

Is there a Walmart 24 hour pharmacy?

Walmart, on the other hand, makes sure that most of its stores have 24 hours services, especially the pharmacy stores, as there can be an emergency at any time of the day or week, and having a pharmacy store accessible would be helpful. The holiday hours of Walmart are quite different.

What time does Walmart pharmacy close?

Walmart Pharmacy closing hours are usually at 7 pm, with this being the closing time Mondays through to Fridays. Walmart Pharmacy Hours on Sunday? On Sundays, Walmart Pharmacy opening hours are reduced by an hour, with the store opening at 10 am.

Is Walmart a 24 hour pharmacy?

Walmart Pharmacy Hours Today – Weekdays. The Walmart hours Pharmacy are based on the location of the store. Though they differ only by a few minutes, the average common opening and closing hours of Walmart is 24 hours. You can visit the retail store any time of the day, but need to make sure to know the working hours during the holidays.

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