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Frequently Asked Questions

What state is Walmart located in?

Walmart has its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and incorporated in October 1969. As of September 2019, Walmart operated 11,390 stores and clubs in 27 countries.

How many locations does Walmart have?

Today, Walmart operates approximately 10,500 stores and clubs under 46 banners in 24 countries and eCommerce websites. You can find a list of those locations on our website.

What is the Walmart store number?

We know that you're busy, so we're here for you every day from 6 am, so you can get what you need when you need it. Looking for something specific or have a question about what we have in store? Give us a call at 660-263-3113 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates will be happy to help you out.

Is there a Walmart in Seattle Washington?

There are no Walmart’s in Seattle. You have to travel to Millcreek, Bellevue or Renton to find the nearest ones to Seattle. The Renton Walmart is the closest one to Seattle City Limits. It’s also the worst when it comes to the type of clientele it attracts. It’s the one you’d most likely get shot at.

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