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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tzitzit?

What Does TzitzitMean? The word tzitzit(צִיצִית) is literally defined as “fringes,” and refers to the strings attached to the corners of the tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl. It also refers to the poncho-like mini-tallitthat is worn throughout the day, often under a shirt. Here’s how the mini-tallit came to be.

Is there a blue thread on a tzitzit?

tzitzit I believe Scripture indicates that a blue (Hebrew תכלת, tekhelet, tək·ā'·leth) thread (Hebrew פתיל "pəthiyl") known as "tekhelet" itself, is included in the tzitzit. I don't see the blue thread anywhere. In fact, I received a tallit as a gift from Israel and there are no blue threads included on the tzitzit at all.

Is Tzitzit a positive commandment?

In rabbinic law, tzitzit is considered a "time-dependent positive commandment", as the Torah (Numbers 15:39) mentions "seeing" one's tzitzit, and one could not see them in the darkness of night, but rather only in daytime. In general, women are not required to perform time-dependent positive commandments, but may perform them if they choose to.

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