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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name toboggan mean?

toboggan (n.) "long, flat-bottomed sled," 1829, from Canadian French tabagane, from an Algonquian language, such as Maleseet /thapaken/. The verb is recorded from 1846. As American English colloquial for a type of long woolen cap, it is recorded from 1929 (earlier toboggan cap, 1928), presumably because one wore such a cap while tobogganing.

What is the origin of the word toboggan?

Toboggan came to English by way of Canadian French, but its origin is ultimately Algonquian. The word shares an ancestor with the Micmac tobâgun, meaning "drag made of skin.".

What does toboggan slide mean?

What does toboggan-slide mean? (Canada) A track prepared with ice or snow, for sledding down a slope or slide. (noun)

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