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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set the timer?

Here's how to set the timer: Tap the lock icon in the bottom corner of any page in the app. Read and enter the numbers that appear or enter your custom passcode. Select Timer Use the slider bar or the and icons to set a time limit Tap Start Timer

What is the function of a timer?

A timer is a specialized type of clock used for measuring specific time intervals. Timers can be categorized into two main types. A timer which counts upwards from zero for measuring elapsed time is often called a stopwatch, while a device which counts down from a specified time interval is more usually called a timer.

What is the definition of timer?

Definition of timer. : one that times: such as. a : timepiece especially : a stopwatch for timing races. b : timekeeper. c : a device (such as a clock) that indicates by a sound the end of an interval of time or that starts or stops a device at predetermined times.

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