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Frequently Asked Questions

How to type in Telugu?

Telugu Typing is very easy with above method. Just type in English as you type messages in Mobile and press space bar. It will convert in Telugu script. If you think you don't get desired word, you can press backspace key to open word suggestion list, from which you can choose another suitable word of Telugu language.

What is online keyboard in Telugu?

Online Telugu keyboard (తెలుగు కీబోర్డ్) to type Telugu language easily. . . The Telugu keyboard is an online virtual typing keyboard that allows you to easily type the Telugu language on your computer. This is a quick and accurate Telugu writing tool.

How do I switch between English and Telugu?

Press (Ctrl+G) to switch between English and Telugu. Use the backspace or click on any words to get more choices on a drop-down menu. Once you have finished typing, email it to your friends and family. Simply copy and paste to post content on Facebook, Twitter, or format it on a text editor such as Word Document.

How to delete a vowel in Telugu?

Click on the virama, called pollu in Telugu (diacritic in the center) to delete the inherent vowel a. Type aa, ii, uu, ee, oo (or A, I, U, E, O) for the long vowels ā, ī, ū, ē, ō Type x (zero with joiner) after the virama to avoid the ligature; example: type kxka for క్‍క‍

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