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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some synonyms for huge?

Synonym Discussion of huge. enormous, immense, huge, vast, gigantic, colossal, mammoth mean exceedingly large. enormous and immense both suggest an exceeding of all ordinary bounds in size or amount or degree, but enormous often adds an implication of abnormality or monstrousness. an enormous expense. an immense shopping mall.

What are big words for Big?

Words Related to big. decisive, fatal, fateful, strategic. earnest, grave, heavy, serious, sincere. distinctive, exceptional, impressive, outstanding, prominent, remarkable. valuable, worthwhile, worthy. distinguished, eminent, great, illustrious, noble, notable, noteworthy, outstanding, preeminent, prestigious.

What are some synonyms for large?

Synonyms of large. big, biggish, boxcar, bulky, considerable, goodly, grand, great, handsome, hefty, hulking, husky, largish, outsize (also outsized), oversize (or oversized), sizable (or sizeable), substantial, tidy, voluminous.

What do words mean large?

Large "Large" is used less commonly than "big." It is used with quantity words, for example, large scale, a large number, a large amount of something, a large proportion, to a very large extent, large volume, large part of something, large area, etc. It refers to a greater than average size, for example: "A large house or large garden."

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