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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a switch?

Many people use metonymy to call a variety of devices "switches" that conceptually connect or disconnect signals and communication paths between electrical devices, analogous to the way mechanical switches connect and disconnect paths for electrons to flow between two conductors.

Where is the switch located?

Our operations are located in the world’s foremost media centers – Los Angeles, Burbank, New York and London – ensuring you tap into the best pool of directors, creatives and technical crew anywhere. The Switch has everything you need to create and deliver high quality content from locations across the globe.

How does the Nintendo Switch work?

The Nintendo Switch gaming console combines the portability of a handheld device with the ease and comfort of a home gaming system. Use the Nintendo Switch dock to connect the console to your TV. You can also remove the Switch from the dock and enjoy the same great gaming experience on the go.

What is switch boutique known for?

ABOUT US. Founded by sisters, Julia and Jennifer Cohen, SWITCH Boutique is a signature destination in the Los Angeles fashion scene. The store is known for an expertly curated collection of high-end contemporary designers complemented by an atmosphere defined by relaxed elegance with an unwavering focus on client service and personal styling.

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