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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swiss cheese?

Swiss cheese is a generic name for several related varieties of cheese. It is an American version of the Swiss Emmental and is known for being shiny, pale yellow.

Can you buy Swiss cheese in the US?

Most mass-produced Swiss cheese starts with pasteurized milk, which affects the flavor. In the United States, you can purchase imported Emmenthal and Gruyère in the true style of an Alpine Swiss cheese at grocery stores with well-stocked cheese counters or at specialty cheese shops.

Is all cheese with holes Swiss cheese?

Not all cheese with holes is Swiss cheese and not all Swiss cheese has holes. The two most famous original Swiss cheeses are Emmental and Gruyére, both of which are highly prized in fondues. There are some excellent American cheesemakers who closely follow Swiss traditions and make very tasty facsimiles of Emmentaler and Gruyére cheeses.

What is the best way to use Swiss cheese?

Uses . Swiss cheese melts well, making it suitable for use in sauces. Domestic Swiss cheese often comes presliced for sandwiches. The fuller flavored Emmenthal and Gruyère cheeses are good choices for gratins and fondue. The longer-aged versions make an excellent addition to a cheese plate or can be enjoyed as a dessert cheese.

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