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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Swiss cheese plant?

This is where it gets a little complicated! The plant category, or genus, is called Monstera, but several different species of Monstera go by the same common name of “Swiss cheese plant.” Mostly, you’ll find Monstera deliciosa, which has long-lobed leaves and elongated holes (though young leaves may not have these holes).

What is the Swiss cheese model?

James Reason's Swiss Cheese Model is a memorable visual metaphor that illustrates how each safeguard may contain a latent flaw, or hole, and that an unfortunate circumstance, may result in these holes lining up to disastrous effect.

How do you propagate Swiss cheese plants?

You can also propagate a Swiss cheese plant by dividing suckers into foot-long (.3 m.) sections. These can then be gently pressed into the soil. Once they sprout, you can transplant them wherever you want.

How much sunlight does a Swiss cheese plant need?

In its native environment, the Swiss cheese plant grows beneath the canopy of large trees. So, it prefers indirect sunlight, or sunlight filtered by a sheer curtain. It will take some direct sunlight, but not more than a few hours per day.

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