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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specs for Surface Go?

Here are all the Surface Go specs: Display screen: 10in (1200×1800) IPS, ten-point contact. Processor: Intel one.6GHz Pentium 4415Y (seventh-gen Kaby Lake) Graphics: Intel High definition 615 (integrated) Memory: 4GB/8GB. Storage: 64GB eMMC/128GB SSD (256GB SSD in the industrial design)

Is Intel Core m3 good?

The Core m3 is good for low-energy tablets and laptops. Something with this processor will last on battery for a very long time, and has adequate performance for web browsing and document editing. The i3 and i5 are for more general use. Maybe some light photo editing or video editing (i3, i5 respectively).

What is m3 system?

Modere M3 Body System is a formulation of three main products: Modere burn morning thermogenic-Its functions mainly to increase* the body temperature. Little amount of protein shake-It is meant to boost* nutrients, minerals, proteins and various compounds that suppress* appetite.

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