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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Surface Pro is too hot?

A black screen with a large thermometer icon, and your Surface shuts down immediately. When the thermometer icon appears, it means your Surface is too hot. This device is rated as a commercial product for operation at +32ºF (+0ºC) to +95ºF (+35ºC).

Does the surface go have Microsoft Office on it?

The Surface Go has a screen size of 10 inches, meaning it's eligible for the free version of Office known as Office Mobile. Microsoft keeps these apps well hidden on PCs, but they're still available if you look hard enough.

What should you look out for when buying a surface go?

The Surface Go is available now, so here's a list of four things we think you should take a look at after you've set up your new device for the first time and got it all up to date. It's a little-known fact that Microsoft has a free version of Office apps for devices that have a screen size of 10.1 inches or less.

Is my Surface Laptop 3 overheating while charging?

In relation to your concern, this is kind of weird that the Surface laptop 3 overheats while the charger is connected and when MS Edge is being used. Any device gets warmer than normal while it's being used and if there's a lot of apps running from the background.

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