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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Supremacy 1914?

When used correctly, all of these can easily be used to bring your nation to glory. On the surface the strategy of Supremacy 1914 is deceptively simple; lead your nation to the required 'points' and be the strongest nation of them all. However, strategies can vary greatly depending on where you start and which map you play on.

What is the most powerful unit in Supremacy 1914?

Heavy tanks are the most powerful unit in the game, and when paired with massive infantry formations, are a terrifying offensive unit. There are three armored units in Supremacy 1914: tanks, heavy tanks, and armored cars. Tanks are a step up, have high HP and attack, and are somewhat faster than infantry while being slower than armored cars.

Should I use Goldmark or railguns in Supremacy 1914?

This is a much better and less expensive way than using Goldmark to raise up their morale. Railguns are more of a niche weapon than a war winner. Supremacy 1914 is technically a WW1 game, and the most powerful and important branch of combat arms in WW1 was the artillery.

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