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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Supremacy 1914?

How to Play Supremacy 1914: 9 Steps Step 1: Start Recruiting Step 2: Build Up Your Defense Step 3: Reach out to Your Neighbors Step 4: Stock Up on Resources Step 5: Select a Country to Develop Step 6: Develop Your Land Step 7: Attack Smart Step 8: Play the Role Step 9: Use Our Supremacy 1914 Guide

How to get Goldmark in Supremacy 1914?

Goldmark is the premium currency in Supremacy 1914 which can be obtained by completing the turorial, by winning game rounds and by purchasing it via the in-game shop. You can play very succesfully without Goldmark, but employing it strategically may be the deciding factor for a victory.

What is the most powerful unit in Supremacy 1914?

Heavy tanks are the most powerful unit in the game, and when paired with massive infantry formations, are a terrifying offensive unit. There are three armored units in Supremacy 1914: tanks, heavy tanks, and armored cars. Tanks are a step up, have high HP and attack, and are somewhat faster than infantry while being slower than armored cars.

What are the 7 resources in Supremacy 1914?

Read this chapter to learn about how to increase resource production, how to avoid negative effects of lacking resources and how to trade them on the stock market. In Supremacy 1914 everything revolves around 7 different resources: grain, fish, iron ore, lumber, coal, oil, and gas.

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