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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Supremacy 1914 a good game?

Some units have better attacking or defending damage and should be used accordingly. Supremacy 1914 is as much about diplomacy as it is about armed combat. Since you cannot afford to support multiple frontlines at once, you will have to entertain diplomatic relations with other players.

How to get Goldmark in Supremacy 1914?

Goldmark is the premium currency in Supremacy 1914 which can be obtained by completing the turorial, by winning game rounds and by purchasing it via the in-game shop. You can play very succesfully without Goldmark, but employing it strategically may be the deciding factor for a victory.

How do you sabotage in Supremacy 1914?

In Supremacy 1914 you can gather intelligence or sabotage your opponent with a range of different espionage options. They can be accessed from the Espionage Headquarters (accessible through the main menu). The Espionage Headquarters informs you about the number of spies you have recruited and their daily costs.

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