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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Sunset Drive-in theater swap meet?

Sunset Drive-In Theater Swap Meet. 255 Elks Lane. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. City: San Luis Obispo. Phone: (805) 544-4475. Dates/Hours Open: View Times. Here is the Sunset Drive-In Theater Swap Meet. The Sunset Drive-In Theater Swap Meet is located in San Luis Obispo, California.

Can you smoke at a swap meet in slo County?

San Luis Obispo has a non-smoking in public law, and even if the swap meet is privately owned, the public is invited and paying to be there. This then makes this swap meet a public area where it is against the law to smoke in public there, period. The owners are also not doing anything about people bringing dogs.

What is Sunset Drive-in like?

Sunset Drive In is a grand old school experience- from the snack bar to the old timey "Our Next Attraction" films. Screen looks fine and the stereo signal into the car is great. A real wholesome experience. I wish people would follow the rule of 2 cars for spots so we can all get good seats.

What are the hours of operation for a swap meet?

“ Your typical swap meet, opens at 6AM but you can pay $10/per car if you want to go in earlier than that. $3 per car after 6AM or $1 for walk- ins. ” in 2 reviews What are the hours of operation and days? Swap meets are on Sunday's, if it's raining no swap meet.

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