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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to go to Sunset Drive in?

Sunset Drive-In is a great place to watch a movie on a night out. The price is affordable, for a group of friends or family. It's even a cute old-fashioned date night idea, that really is more personal... You don't see very many drive-in theaters anymore and that is what makes the Sunset even that much more special.

Is there an ATM at Sunset Drive-in?

The Sunset Drive-in is cash only and they do not have an ATM on site so make sure to bring plenty of cash for admission and the concession stand. Also, as is common with California drive-ins, they hold a swap meet on the grounds of the drive-in every Sunday opening at 6am.

When is the Thursday night farmers' market in downtown SLO?

After more than a year of non-operation and reduced capacity as an essential market due to COVID-19, Downtown SLO is thrilled to announce that the Thursday Night Farmers’ Market has returned to full operations, taking over five blocks of Higuera street every Thursday beginning June 17 from 6-9 pm.

How can you support downtown SLO?

To support the series, Downtown SLO is seeking sponsorship from businesses and individuals.

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