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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a storm surge and why is it so dangerous?

A storm surge is a dangerous and damaging natural event caused by a rise in water beyond that usually caused by a tide. Storm surges are the result of coastal storms, including hurricanes, and they can have impacts similar to that of a tsunami.

What is a storm surge and what causes it?

A storm surge is a high flood of water caused by wind and low pressure, most commonly associated with hurricanes.

What is a storm surge and how is it formed?

A storm surge is a rise in sea level associated with a tropical or extratropical weather system. The storm surge is often the most deadly phenomena associated with tropical storms and cyclones. Storm surges are formed as a hurricane or tropical storm moves across a large body of open water.

When is a storm surge most dangerous?

The storm surge can begin to rise a day before the storm hits, cutting off escape routes when low-lying highways are flooded. This is particularly true along the Gulf of Mexico shore. If you live near the ocean, the storm surge is the most dangerous part of a hurricane's hazards.

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