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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weather radar?

10 best weather radar apps to track the next big storm The best weather radar apps for Android MyRadar Weather Radar. MyRadar is one of the better and more popular weather radar apps. ... RadarNow. ... RadarScope. ... Rainy Days Rain Radar. ... Storm Radar by The Weather Channel. ... WeatherRadarUSA. ... Weather Radar App. ... Weather Underground. ... ... More items...

Does the radar work in storms?

Radar data can be used to determine the structure of storms and to help with predicting severity of storms. Energy is emitted in various frequencies and wavelengths from large wavelength radio waves to shorter wavelength gamma rays. Radars emit microwave energy, a longer wavelength, highlighted in yellow.

What is a weather radar and how does it work?

A weather radar is an observational instrument , usually a pulse-Doppler radar, used in meteorology to identify and picture different types of precipitation, measure their magnitude, and track their movement. It does so by sending out electromagnetic or microwaves and analyzing the echoes.

How is radar used to track thunderstorms?

An optimization method that matches storms at one radar volume time to those at a subsequent time is used to track the storms. Based on past storm trends, TITAN predicts future storm location and size. Statistical analysis of the actual location of the storm versus the predicted location provides an evaluation of forecast skill.

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