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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a storefront sign?

A storefront sign is a type of business signage that is typically placed on the front of a store or office building. This type of sign is designed to capture the attention of passersby and promote your business to potential customers. What can you expect if you install new outdoor signs on your storefront? Here are some benefits:

Where can I Buy storefront channel letters wholesale?

Our Self contained LED lit signs can also be hung in a window as well as exterior mounted StoreFront sign. At SignMonkey you always buy your StoreFront Channel Letters Wholesale.

Can I use storefront lit letters on a sloped roof?

StoreFront lit letters can be built as direct mounted or raceway mounted StoreFront sign. If your location has a requires your Storefront sign be mounted to a roof, our roof mount brackets can be used in conjunction with our raceway signs, this will allow your StoreFront raceway mounted letters to be mounted on a sloped roof.

How do you lit a sign?

Lit through the faces with High Output LEDs. Face of the sign is held with a metal retainer which makes changing the sign face easy. Strong One piece construction, for easy installation. Lit through the both faces with double High Output LEDs. Faces of the sign are held with a metal retainer which makes changing the sign faces easy.

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