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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Citrix storefront?

StoreFront enumerates and aggregates available desktops and applications into stores. Users access StoreFront stores through Citrix Receiver directly or by browsing to a Citrix Receiver for Web or Desktop Appliance site. Users can also access StoreFront using thin clients and other end-user-compatible devices through a XenApp Services site. StoreFront keeps a record of each user’s applications and automatically updates their devices.

What is a custom storefront?

What is a custom storefront? Think mobile apps for your business, a custom front end for your website, adding commerce into a video game, offline commerce such as a smart mirror - and more. If you have questions about customizing your theme please post in the Shopify Design board.

What is another word for storefront?

storefront | definition: the front side of a store facing the street; usually contains display windows | synonyms: shop, shopfront, store, shop window, shopwindow, front, show window, display window| antonyms: rear, boycott, sell, software, nonvolatile storage

What is Citrix used for?

What is Citrix used for? Citrix offers different services to businesses such as application, networking, virtualization or server. It helps businesses grow and expand on the market. There are three different branches of Citrix – Analytics, Networking and Workspace.

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