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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a normal sheet of paper?

While most of the world uses the ISO 216 standard for paper sheet sizes, the North American system is slightly different and features dimensions that are easier to express in inches. The most common paper size you'll encounter is letter-sized paper, which is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. The international standard for paper sizes is ISO 216.

Are penny press machines legal?

It’s okay to press pennies in the U.S. Despite statute 18 USC Section 331, which outlaws the mutilation of coins, it is perfectly legal to press pennies in the U.S. That’s because the law only forbids the alteration of coins if they’re being used as fraudulent currency – but as pressed pennies are souvenirs and not to be spent, they’re fine.

What is the size for standard copy paper?

Regardless of type of paper, they all come in standard sizes for different uses. 8 ½" x 11" paper, known commonly as letter-sized paper, is the default size for all copiers, printers and fax machines. It is sold in all stationery and office supply stores, as well as many pharmacies and supermarkets, in reams (quantities) of 500 sheets.

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