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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a light beam be split in a beam splitter?

A light beam can be split in a beam spliter, i.e. the ensemble of photons can be split into two streams of photons: the intensity of the beam goes down, but the individual photons still have frequency $h*\nu$. Now one can think of impinging photons one by one on a beam splitter.

Can you split a photon?

This question implies that you cannot split a photon but it seems that beam splitters do exactly that. The crucial word is "beam", in "beam splitter". Beam means an ensemble, in contrast to "photon" which is an individual particle. A light beam is an ensemble of photons and if it is of a single frequency ν, all photons have energy E = h ∗ ν.

How do you measure a photon with a beam splitter?

This measurement is done by placing a detector between the two beam splitters in one of the two paths. We will assume that the detector is in path 1. Assuming the detector has unit probability of ring when a photon strikes it, then one can which way information about the photon.

Can a bean Splitter Split light?

Under most circumstances a bean splitter will split light. Calling light a photon makes it seem like a particle and it is but is also is a wave. A particle cannot be divided by a beam splitter but a wave can and all QM particles are also waves.

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