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Frequently Asked Questions

What are product bundles in Salesforce CPQ?

Product Bundle in Salesforce CPQ Products: The bundle product as well as all the sub-products included in the bundle. Product Options: A Product Option record for EACH sub-product to associate it with the bundle product. One Bundle can have many Product Options. Product Features: Optional. ... Option Constraints: Optional. ... Configuration Attribute: Optional. ...

Do you need Salesforce CPQ?

Like most customer configuration and development projects, adding a software like Salesforce CPQ to your org will be based on a number of individual factors. If one or more of the below apply to your company, you may need CPQ: You have a large Sales Team. Think 100+ employees.

What is the Salesforce API?

The Salesforce API landscape is as vast as the ocean blue. That’s because Salesforce takes an API-first approach to building features on the Salesforce Platform. API first means building a robust API for a feature before focusing on designing its UI.

What is Configure price quote software (CPQ)?

What Does Configure Price Quote Software (CPQ) Mean? Configure price quote software (CPQ) is an industry term for products that help companies to adopt more data-aware systems. CPQ solutions can help businesses to keep prices more in line with current market conditions.

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