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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the applications of Salesforce AppExchange?

Other than the Salesforce Survey, there are various applications present in Salesforce Appexchange that allow users to create, map the response to Standard and Custom Objects, and provide follow-up for the Critical response. Some of the Salesforce AppExchange Applications will be discussed later in this blog.

What are Salesforce surveys?

Some survey products did appear on the AppExchange in the years between, yet in the Spring 18 release, Salesforce finally introduced Salesforce Surveys. The initial product was a no-code solution, with all of the survey design and analytics done within a special Survey Builder (a flow application).

What's new in Salesforce feedback management?

In the Summer 20 release, Salesforce Surveys was packaged into a new product called Salesforce Feedback Management, which extends Salesforce Surveys in several ways. Data related to the survey is stored in the Survey Subject record and can be used to personalize the survey itself.

How to assign a survey object to a user in Salesforce?

If a Survey object is not visible for a user, then create a Permission set, provide access to the Survey object and then assign it to the user. Step 2: The Survey that is created can be added to the Dashboard if required, as it is shown on the Home tab. Introduction To Salesforce Survey Data Model

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