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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Salesforce partners?

Salesforce Partners. Appirio is a global services provider, helping companies power their business with mobile, social and cloud technology from, Google, Workday and CSOD. Apto is a scalable commercial real estate brokerage CRM and deal management app developed by seasoned brokers.

What is Salesforce partner program?

The Salesforce AppExchange Partner Program helps anyone build, market, sell, and grow. You can build on the Salesforce Platform, market and sell on AppExchange, and grow with world-class partner technology designed to help you do business faster.

What are the benefits of Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce also delivers reliable data security and protection, ensuring that sensitive information is not lost or compromised. Salesforce provides your employees with the resources they need to maximize efficiency and productivity. Customers will also benefit from better customer service.

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