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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a two handed fly rod?

Two-handed fly rods allow far-reaching casts on open waters like wide rivers, coastal channels and rolling surf. Most fly rod companies are producing long two-handed rods and combining them with specialized lines on large capacity wide-frame reels. The longer fly rods pick up and keep greater amounts of line in the air with less effort.

What are Sage Rods?

Sage Fly Rods. Founded in 1980 by legendary rod designer Don Green, Sage was created with one idea in mind - to build the world's finest performance fly rods . Using world-class materials and years of experience gained while working with Fenwick and Grizzly rod companies, Don revolutionized the fly fishing world.

What is a fly rod?

Bamboo fly rod. A bamboo fly rod or a split cane rod is a fly fishing rod that is made from bamboo. The British generally use the term "split cane.". In the U.S., most use the term "bamboo.".

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