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Frequently Asked Questions

What does range mean mathematically?

In mathematics, the range of a set of data refers to the difference between the smallest and largest number. For the set of data 1,2,3,4,7, the range is equal to 7 minus 1 or 6.

When to use the range?

The range is used when. you have ordinal data or. you are presenting your results to people with little or no knowledge of statistics. The range is rarely used in scientific work as it is fairly insensitive. It depends on only 2 scores in the set of data, XL and XS.

What is an example of range?

The definition of a range is a series of things or the limit to which something can reach or a place where animals live and eat. An example of range is a group of mountains. An example of range is the maximum distance a gun can shoot a bullet.

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