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Frequently Asked Questions

How many luxury homes are there in Lake Garda?

There are currently 342 luxury homes for sale in Lake Garda, Veneto on JamesEdition. JamesEdition can help you find the home that match all the preferences for your dream home. Use filters and narrow your search by price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and amenities to find homes that fit your criteria.

Where is Lake Garda?

Located in the center of Northern Italy, Lake Garda, the mayor Italian lake, inspired beautiful Greek and Latin poetry since ancient times, as well as Dante who dedicated to the lake in his "Commedia" two tercet rich in geographical indications.

Who is Garda Haus?

Garda Haus is your Real Estate Agency for your next property on Garda Lake. Search Sell Services About us Locations Contacts Job it en de menuClose I am searching for a property on Lake Garda All areasNorth Lake GardaSouth Lake GardaWest Lake GardaEast Lake Garda Search

What makes Lake Garda so special?

Its magnificent location, the mild climate, the beauty of the landscapes of the northern part of the lake, the morainic hills of the south, the multitude of olive groves and vineyards, the color of the flowers and especially the bougainvillea, the history, the laboriousness of the people, make the fortune of Lake Garda since ever.

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